Willie Dixon

Der große Bluesman wurde schon oft gewürdigt, hier ein kleiner Nachtrag.

Willie Dixon (1915 – 1992) wurde nicht als Sänger bekannt, sondern als Bass-Spieler und Songwriter für andere. Er schrieb Lieder für Muddy Waters, Howlin‘ Wolf, Little Walter und Bo Diddley, richtig populär wurden seine Songs durch die Rolling Stones und Eric Clapton. Led Zeppelin „borgten“ sich sein You Need Love für ihren ersten großen Erfolg Whole Lotta Love. Zwei Zitate:

„When I was getting into the blues, it was Who wrote this? I was lookin‘ at Muddy Waters records, and who wrote it? Dixon, Dixon, Dixon. And the bass player is writin‘ THESE songs? And then I’m lookin‘ at Howlin‘ Wolf: Dixon, Dixon, Dixon. I said, Oh, yeah, this guy is more than just a great bass player! And let’s face it: he was an incredible bass player. You know, that would be enough. But he’s the backbone of postwar blues writing, the absolute.“ (Keith Richards)

„Well, (the Stones) come to my house, you know, and I wouldn’t let them all in the house ‚cause there be too many people with ‚em, you know. They had a whole LINE of limousines, a block-long of limousines, and all of them full of people and they think they gonna get in my 6-room house. And that could never happen, you know. So I took ‚em all where Muddy Waters was working at The Quiet Night, it was a good big place… We got into jammin‘ and singin‘ and playin‘ together.“ (Willie Dixon)



Hier einer seiner bekanntesten Song „Little Red Rooster“, interpretiert von vielen namhaften Künstlern (in diesem Fall: Howlin‘ Wolf)

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